My most personal interview ever.

Lately I’ve made a point to put myself and my ideas out there a little more than usual. And it hasn’t been easy, because when you do that, you open yourself up to all kinds of feedback: good and bad and absolutely fucking brutal. And as thick as my skin (and head) is, it isn’t that thick that I don’t still feel it when people question why I do what I do and they say shitty things.

Mostly though, it’s just my own, teeny little way to share ideas in the hope they may make some sort of positive impact in some way. And for a variety of reasons, that’s become increasingly important to me in recent times. If you knew you had a limited amount of time left, what would you do with it?

So I was recently asked to sit in on a podcast, and I said ‘yes’ thinking it would be a few minutes of talking superficial shit… but oh no, I ended up sharing all sorts of ideas for almost a hour. Quite why anyone is interested in anything I have to say is beyond me most of the time, but if you’re one of them, well, this is your chance to hear my ideas on all sorts of things.

As always, please remember I’m still just a human being, so by all means, feel free to agree or disagree and discuss, but feel free to not be an asshole about it.

You can listen to the interview here.


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