Say something.

There’s been a song going around for a while now called ‘Say Something’. I suppose it’s about a girl and a boy and a relationship, but it’s become somewhat of a brand anthem for me. Not because I’m the least romantic guy in the world, but because it’s such a fundamental mistake I see happening over and over and over again out there in Brandland.

I hear all sorts of reasons why business isn’t good. But fundamentally, I also see brands saying sweet fuck all, then wondering why no-one’s listening. I see them talk about how they’re discounting, but I don’t see them first establishing real worth and value so that the discount is meaningful. 20% off a piece of dog turd doesn’t represent good value. Unless I really want a dog turd. (Which, for the record, is unlikely.)

Even more so, I don’t see them saying anything worth listening to in the first place. In a busy, loud, Great Big World, customers need to have a reason to tune in, in the first place. To pay attention. To connect and engage. And if you’re not saying something, it’s no wonder they’re giving up on you.


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