The habit of kindness.

Today it will be 40c/104f for the second consecutive day in my hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. That’s a tad warm by anyone’s standards. And as a kid, who didn’t love running through the sprinkler on a hot day? It may not have been Disneyland, but that humble little sprinkler sure did bring a lot of joy. And it still can.

On hot days like this, it’s important to remember those around you. The people. The furry ones. And the feathered ones as well. 40c is hot. Fucking hot. So if you get the opportunity to leave some water out for them, please do. Not just for them, but for you. Because it’s a really easy opportunity to be kind. And kindness, like many other things, is a habit. A skill as well, I suppose. But a habit too. And a good one to get into.

You don’t have to wait for the opportunity to rescue a family and their dog from a burning building to be thoughtful and kind. In fact, if you’re not already in the habit of being that kind of person, chances are you won’t be ready for the big stuff anyway. Or the medium stuff. Or any stuff.

So start small if you have to. Star somewhere. Anywhere. But start.

Whether it’s to people, or birds, be awesome to each other.


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