For beards to triumph.

It’s important to remember, that sometimes, if not all the times, making no decision is the same as actually making one. Only with, presumably, a different outcome.

I could be all profound and reference the famous quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”, (which may or may not have been said in that exact form by JF Kennedy and about 3,000 other people according to the internet), but the truth is I had my own ‘a ha moment’ when someone commented on the fact I was growing my beard. Which I’m not. I’m just not shaving. But hey, same hairy result.

It’s true though, right? I had absolutely zero intention of growing a beard. But it happened by default when I decided not to shave for a while. Which, to be fair, was not completely unexpected.

Now you and I both know, good men deciding to do nothing isn’t exactly the same as deciding to do evil, (or growing a beard), but, well, you know, if the outcome is the same… it’s not as different as it ought to be. It pays to be mindful of outcomes. And use them as a way to guide your decisions. Or lack of.

Next time you’re faced with a choice, and you’re lacking the certainty or confidence or courage, (or all of the above), to make a particular choice, it’s worth remembering, no decision isn’t really no decision. In business, in life, and in, or out of, love. ‘Non decisions’ count just as much as decisions.

So always be mindful of what outcomes your decisions are likely to produce. Directly or otherwise. For you. For others. And for the world at large.

Because at the end of the day, for evil, or a whole lot of other things including beards to triumph, it is enough that good men, yes, or women, do nothing.


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