The Rainbow Round of Sport

Protests and demonstrations are always tricky things. How much of it do we do to actually do good, versus just feeling good? A lame, token gesture that looks great, but achieves nothing.

Does doing any of this stuff really make a difference? Pouring a bucket of ice water over your head? Sharing that Facebook status? Or wearing #RainbowLaces?

Well, I’m gonna say, sometimes ‘yes’. At least I hope it does.

I hope at least some of those people who are out there feeling marginalized get to see not everyone is against them. And I hope it matters and makes a difference. I also hope that if enough politicians and law makers see how many people are supportive of these things, they might just get with the program.

April 9 is the Rainbow Round of Sport. And to celebrate, and show our support, plenty of us will be wearing #RainbowLaces/

Because 46% of participants believed that LGB’s are not accepted in sporting culture (versus 1% that did).

73% of gay men surveyed felt that homophobia is more common in team sports than other parts of society.

84% of people who took part said homophobic jokes occur “all the time”, “often” or “sometimes”.

And it makes no bloody sense.

Let’s not sit on the sidelines while something like homophobia threatens to taint the sport we love. Whatever sport that might be.

It’s absolutely crazy to me personally that this is any sort of issue at all really.

Oh how far we’ve come with some things. And how very, very far we still have to go.

Be awesome to each other.



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