Moments. That’s all there ever is.

Moments. That’s all there is. Lots and lots of moments all joined together.

Moments are there whether you recognise them or not. Most of them just slip on by because they’re ‘ordinary’. We usually only notice the really good ones. Or the bad ones. (And boy are we good at that!) And for the most part, they just sort of come and go ‘by accident’. The moments that happen, the things that happen to us, as we go about our days.

For all the downsides of social media, a platform like Instagram has reminded me of the importance of moments. It reminds me to focus on those awesome moments that happen during the day. And not just the moments that happen, the ones we can create. Those moments that, with a little bit of effort, a little bit of creativity, or even just a little bit of attention, those moments that were on the path to ordinary, not worth a mention, suddenly get transformed into something awesome. Part of the collection that makes up this thing called ‘life’.

Some people will say, “no one’s life is as good as it seems on social media” where people often only post their finest moments. But what’s wrong with collecting as many awesome moments as we can? What’s wrong with sharing them to remind people how many awesome moments there are to be had out there? What’s wrong with remind people to have as many awesome moments of their own? What’s wrong with inspiring others to create their own awesome moments?

There are ordinary moments as well, and fuckity ones too, we all know that. Conventional wisdom says to focus on what you want. On where you want to go. So I’ll take awesome over fuckity any day thanks very much.

It doesn’t have to be earth shattering. Awesome comes in all shapes and sizes. In recent times, I’ve gotten a fuckload of joy from feeding the birds in my front yard and watching them splash around in the makeshift bird bath I put there for them on hot days. So. Many. Moments.


If you wait for the big moments, you’ll be be missing all the small awesome moments along the way. Don’t miss them. And don’t wait for them. Make them happen.

Go outside and stare at the stars. And I mean really see them. Marvel at fucking ridiculously extraordinary it is that all those things are out there… how BIG everything is… they’re STARS! In the SKY! If that ain’t magic, I don’t know what is. Trust me, on a clear night, there’s a moment waiting to be had.

If you hear there’s going to be something interesting happen with the moon, like last night’s ‘blood moon’, go out and look for it. Sure, it may be cloudy like it was here, but that’s ok. You don’t have to stare at it for hours, the awesome is in the moment. When the clouds clear just enough to get a peak. You see it. First time in 150 years. That’s a moment right there.

Do you complain about it being too cloudy? Do you complain about not seeing it enough? Do you complain that your photo of it was a bit shit, which mine undeniably is. Quite shit, actually. But fuck it, it’s another moment for my collection. So you can complain. Or you can squeal like a little kid, (because before kids get the enthusiasm stomped out of them and taught to be negative assholes, they know how to recognise joy big time), because the moments are what count.

For me personally, 2018 is my year of thinking small. Doing the small good things that make a difference. Not doing the small not so good things. Picking up small amounts litter. Noticing, and creating, more moments.

So don’t wait for big. Think small. Enjoy your moments. Because all those moments bunched together? That’s your life right there. Make it awesome. One little moment at a time.

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