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I’m all for sharing the love, and insider tips on the gear I use on my adventures. In the interest of disclosure, I should say, I do have associations with some of these brands, but none of them have paid me, or even asked me, to share anything here. I simply believe in giving great brands and products a big thumbs up because I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them.

I’ve been wearing ioMerino since 2012 when I went to Nepal to run the Manaslu Mountain Trail Race. It’s super soft, comfortable, thermo regulating and just generally pretty awesome. Oh, and they come from my home town in Australia too! If you ever need thermals, check ’em out for sure.


I bought my first Garmin in 2010 when I took up running and I’d be lost without them. Sometimes literally. I started with the 405 when I was training for the NY Marathon. Went up to a 310 when I needed longer battery life. And now use the fenix3. I also use an eTrex10 and 2 x Rino650 handhelds on bigger adventures when I need more help getting where I’m going. And back again. (I also use their Virb action cam.)


I use the Joby GorillaPod Original when I’m taking photos on the go with my CanonG7X. That little tripod is absolutely awesome – let’s me stick my camera pretty much anywhere when I need to take photos on the go. Most of the adventure photos you see when I don’t have my ‘big’ camera gear with me and I’m on my own, are taken using one of these.


Yep, I’m a Canon guy. I had a Canon film camera and underwater camera many, many moons ago. In DSLR I started with a 40D, then went to a 7D which I still shoot on now. When I need to be more mobile, I shoot on the G7X. Great little camera with all the manual setting you could want, shoots RAW images, and has a very handy adjustable self timer.


When you bash your gear around as much as I do, drop it on the ground, get caught in the rain, or just sweat all over it, the last thing you can afford to do is stuff your phone. So I use the Lifeproof Fre. Don’t get me wrong, these cases are not completely indestructible and I still need to replace them from time to time, (generally about every 12 months), but they are, well, ‘lifeproof’ and have saved my iPhone from oblivion many, many times.


I carry the basic Lifestraw with me if I’m not sure if I’m carrying enough water and want a bit of insurance, or want to travel a bit lighter knowing I can take less with me and suck up some water as I go. It’s small and light so takes up hardly any room and finds its way into my pack on plenty of adventures. It’s not something I use a lot, but the couple of times I’ve needed it, I’ve really needed it. Once in particular in Yosemite on the way back down from Half Dome om a very warm day I was pretty happy to conserve the little bit of water I had left in my pack and suck some river water up!


I first reviewed their gear a few years back, and have been a fan ever since. They do an ‘all conditions’ range so whenever I travel internationally the Essentials Pocket keeps all my gear snug and safe, and I use the wallet every single day. It means I can chuck my wallet in my pack, and not worry about whether or not it, and its contents, gets wet. Love this gear a lot. Plus, they’re another awesome Aussie company.


I know there’s a lot of outdoor places out there, but these guys are now my go to. I’d love to say I go there because they know what they’re talking about and give amazing advice, (which is all true!), but the reality is, I also go there because their prices are so good as well. They may be a South Aussie company, (and who doesn’t love to support a good local company instead of the big guys?), but they can get stuff to you fast anywhere in Australia. So no matter where you are, check ’em out.