When I first started running back in 2010, it was a very steep learning curve. Like, super holy shit steep. I basically had no idea what I was doing but, obviously, as you do, or at least as I often do, decided signing up to run the New York Marathon would be a good idea. Which meant I had to learn what I was doing, and learn fast. Once I was up and running, literally, I thought I’d share a few common sense tips with everyone, and created this little ‘Running Away from Dinosaurs’ series to go along with my book. Don’t expect anything too technical, or at all technical really. Just some good, basic, ideas to help you get started.


The Rainbow Round of Sport

Protests and demonstrations are always tricky things. How much of it do we do to actually do good, versus just feeling good? A lame, token gesture that looks great, but achieves nothing. Does doing any [...]

Taking photos & making memories.

I know there's one school of thought that says, when you're out there living life you should put your damn camera away and just take it all in. And fair enough too. We've all seen [...]

Kayaking the Sea Caves

Way back in 2015 I planned a kayak adventure to go explore the sea caves near Rapid Bay south of Adelaide. Drove down there, weather was crap, tour got cancelled, went hiking instead. In 2016, [...]