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Between books, blogs, creative work and various speaking engagements, here’s what some incredibly kind people have said about me, without even needing to be paid.

“Thanks Sputnik truly you are one of the inspirations behind me having the guts to say YES to do a project like this.” Shelli W

“What can I say… If I’ve brought this odd little world we call Facebook just 1% of the entertainment you’ve provided me… well then I’ll have achieved something! I cannot thank you enough for your support and for what you personally have done and continue to do for people with autism. Yours is a passion and contribution you should be very proud of.” Odyssey 4 Autism

“It was a great presso mate. Good info delivered in an entertaining way. Doing the mentoring afterward, I found myself saying “As Sputnik said…” more than once.” Shane B

“Thank you for your words of wisdom. Much needed today. Loving this book! I intended on just reading a few pages this morning and I am now on page 113. Runner friends looking for motivation, the book is called, ‘The Swashbucklers Guide to Running Away from Dinosaurs’. Check it out!” Stephanie B

“Thanks very much for your talk last night. Your style was entertaining and your photos were brilliant. The photos were especially appealing because they showed exotic and exciting parts of the world. I’m sure that everyone came away with positive feelings about ioMerino.” David C

“It is great meeting you and listening to your engaging speech. Really open up my eyes more about marketing.” David T

“I hope you’re doing well.  I just wanted to give you an update on things and let you know I had my first day at work today as an Account Coordinator!  Your book and guidance were spot on and I just needed to keep knocking on doors and something good would come from it.  I also believe that you putting my name out there was a massive help.  This is a great opportunity for me and I will make sure to keep my foot lodged in that door for many years to come. Thanks again for all of your help.” Reed B

“Thank you to Sputnik for being such an engaging speaker last night at ADMA 30Below Christmas drinks.” Tara B

“I am so overwhelmed with what you have been able achieve…. I can’t thank you enough!” Melissa L

“Enthusiasm, an honest approach and Sputnik’s commitment to our campaign were above and beyond what we expected.  He developed an amazing campaign for us on our limited budget, and suggested ingenious ways we could get the most publicity for the least cost. It was great working with Sputnik and the Out of This World team and I look forward to working with them on future campaigns.” Cherie G