Where did all the Common Sense go?

We all know politics doesn't necessarily match up well with common sense. And the latest citizenship debacle here in Australia is an epic case of exactly that. The law that is in place, that politicians can't be dual citizens, is clearly no longer relevant in the way it was intended to be when first introduced [...]

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Is horse racing our bullfighting?

This week we saw the 157th running of Australia's biggest horse race - The Melbourne Cup. Most years, statistically speaking, the day of celebration, the 'race that stops the nation', stops at least one horse dead in its tracks. Literally. And while this year was no exception with a horse being killed as a result [...]

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Why I couldn’t climb Uluru.

How often have you caught yourself saying "I've always wanted to do that" or "I've always wanted to go there" but never really stopped to think about what it would take to make it happen? For me personally, I do it all the time. Whenever someone would mention Uluru, or I'd be overseas and someone [...]

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If you can write, you can read.

(VIDEO: NSFW LANGUAGE WARNING) It seems more and more people are getting all worked up and commenting on social media without even bothering to read the articles they're commenting on. I know we're all time-poor, but media outlets are looking for clicks, and their headlines aren't always a great representation of what the real story [...]

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What is the appropriate level of protest?

More from the 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' files. We've recently seen the support, and uproar, caused by NFL players kneeling as a way of standing against racial injustice. Protest or campaign too enthusiastically, and you're considered a bully or being out of line. Protest eloquently and peacefully, and you're still in [...]

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The ‘mid life re-evaluation’. And getting real.

READ THE FULL TRAVEL PLAY LIVE ARTICLE HERE In recent years, after decades of being a bit of an ‘inside guy’, I’ve well and truly fallen in love with Mother Nature and the outdoors. And it’s fundamentally changed many aspects of my life. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine an area of my life it [...]

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The Rainbow Round of Sport

Protests and demonstrations are always tricky things. How much of it do we do to actually do good, versus just feeling good? A lame, token gesture that looks great, but achieves nothing. Does doing any of this stuff really make a difference? Pouring a bucket of ice water over your head? Sharing that Facebook status? [...]

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Taking photos & making memories.

I know there's one school of thought that says, when you're out there living life you should put your damn camera away and just take it all in. And fair enough too. We've all seen people 'watching' concerts through their smart phones instead of being in the moment. So I completely understand why people say [...]

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Kayaking the Sea Caves

Way back in 2015 I planned a kayak adventure to go explore the sea caves near Rapid Bay south of Adelaide. Drove down there, weather was crap, tour got cancelled, went hiking instead. In 2016, went back down, weather was crap again, tour got cancelled instead, managed to head on over to the Coorong for [...]

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How you feel Vs What you achieve.

I had a really interesting conversation with a friend yesterday about how she felt during her triathlon last weekend. She was describing how shitty she felt during it and how she was basically plotting and planning how she could pull out almost all the way through it. Three things struck me as interesting about this [...]

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