Little box of fucks.

In a time when there's all sorts of good causes vying for your attention, and our moola, it's always good to see people doing really cool stuff like Sam from Connie from Love Your Sister. They're out there raising money for Breast Cancer in their own, awesome way. As Sam says, "All this pink about [...]

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The joy of not knowing. (And why we hit icebergs.)

I don’t subscribe to the ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ ethos. Give me knowledge any day. Just don’t give me certainty. At least not too much of it. Most of the time, at least, I like the idea that I never quite know what’s just around the corner. Certainty can take away so much glorious possibility and [...]

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Looking for something to read?

Looking for something to read in 2017? Why not start with Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. Don't be fooled by the edgy title, this is a seriously good book and possibly one of the better ones I've ever read in this space. Big call, I know, but I absolutely love [...]

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The wasted want.

Wants are funny things. Sometimes we want the same things. Sometimes not so much. If you're to believe Maslow and popular psychology we all have basic human needs: clothing, shelter, pizza... and eventually love. (Even if it's the love of pizza. And donuts.) And while I may not exactly be the master of relationships having [...]

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The habit of kindness.

Today it will be 40c/104f for the second consecutive day in my hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. That's a tad warm by anyone's standards. And as a kid, who didn't love running through the sprinkler on a hot day? It may not have been Disneyland, but that humble little sprinkler sure did bring a lot [...]

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Doing what’s right.

Earlier today I paid a car salesman a commission for not selling me a car. Because it seemed like the right thing to do. Let me explain. Back in the late 90s I was working with a guy by the name of Greg Hobby who said to me, "Sput, principles aren't principles until they cost [...]

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Say something.

There’s been a song going around for a while now called ‘Say Something’. I suppose it’s about a girl and a boy and a relationship, but it’s become somewhat of a brand anthem for me. Not because I’m the least romantic guy in the world, but because it’s such a fundamental mistake I see [...]

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Glowing with the flow.

With its retro, glow in the dark theme, it would be easy to classify the Afterglow Half Marathon as little more than one of those novelty runs that are all the rage these days, but make no mistake, this is a serious, and seriously beautiful twilight trail run event. For me though, a race is [...]

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It’s time to make Awesome possible.

One question I get asked almost more than any other, is what the heck is a ‘Swashbuckler’? Well, the traditional definition says it’s “a swaggering swordsman, solider, or adventurer; daredevil.” As you can imagine, I'm less about swords, and more about adventure here. So let’s go with that. And I'm not just talking about [...]

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Making space for dreams.

The world used to have a lot of empty space. Physically and mentally. There were gaps. Places you could go where there was… space. Nothing. Just you and the world. And your thoughts. Slowly but surely we’ve ‘progressed’. If you can call it that. I’m not honestly sure we should. But we’ve started filling [...]

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