Your stuff. And orangutans.

Whenever I speak to business people, start ups or about marketing in general, I almost always come to the point of the presentation where I remind everyone of this one, fundamental truth: people care more about their shit than yours. So much so, I have one particular person who books me to speak, who always [...]

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My most personal interview ever.

Lately I've made a point to put myself and my ideas out there a little more than usual. And it hasn't been easy, because when you do that, you open yourself up to all kinds of feedback: good and bad and absolutely fucking brutal. And as thick as my skin (and head) is, it isn't [...]

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Joining The Moonshine Lab

With 2016 coming to a close it's time to set my sights on what the new year has in store. And it's starting to look like there's more than a few cool things brewing. There's a new book, for starters, a new Kindness project that I'm working super hard to launch in the first few [...]

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Crisis Management for Business

I recently had a chat to Sam from MediaManoeuvres about Crisis Management. It's ironic that no one really wants to think about the thing we most need to think about - what happens when something goes wrong. It can even be seen as a bit of a waste of time, because, you know, what if [...]

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Running Away from Dinosaurs.

When I first started running, it was a very steep learning curve indeed. Mostly, I learned by doing - the right things, but as often as not, the wrong things as well. So I decided I'd put a book together called Running Away from Dinosaurs with the best stories, tips and advice I could think [...]

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