Resistance to change. (And why I like turtles more than balloons.)

Resistance to change is such a fascinating phenomena. We see it in all sorts of ways and places. I'm not immune to it myself. We all have things we like or are attached to.   But at some point, if we want 'things' to be different, we can't just sit and hope and pray, (if [...]

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Why I couldn’t climb Uluru.

How often have you caught yourself saying "I've always wanted to do that" or "I've always wanted to go there" but never really stopped to think about what it would take to make it happen? For me personally, I do it all the time. Whenever someone would mention Uluru, or I'd be overseas and someone [...]

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The ‘mid life re-evaluation’. And getting real.

READ THE FULL TRAVEL PLAY LIVE ARTICLE HERE In recent years, after decades of being a bit of an ‘inside guy’, I’ve well and truly fallen in love with Mother Nature and the outdoors. And it’s fundamentally changed many aspects of my life. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine an area of my life it [...]

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Taking photos & making memories.

I know there's one school of thought that says, when you're out there living life you should put your damn camera away and just take it all in. And fair enough too. We've all seen people 'watching' concerts through their smart phones instead of being in the moment. So I completely understand why people say [...]

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Kayaking the Sea Caves

Way back in 2015 I planned a kayak adventure to go explore the sea caves near Rapid Bay south of Adelaide. Drove down there, weather was crap, tour got cancelled, went hiking instead. In 2016, went back down, weather was crap again, tour got cancelled instead, managed to head on over to the Coorong for [...]

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Why it’s time to ditch the GPS

We all know the beloved road trip is back in a big way. In 2015 I spent a month road tripping through the USA, and in 2016 I road tripped through New Zealand for two weeks, then here in Australia I did Uluru, Sydney to Adelaide via the Aussie Alps, Melbourne to Adelaide via The [...]

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The joy of not knowing. (And why we hit icebergs.)

I don’t subscribe to the ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ ethos. Give me knowledge any day. Just don’t give me certainty. At least not too much of it. Most of the time, at least, I like the idea that I never quite know what’s just around the corner. Certainty can take away so much glorious possibility and [...]

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Glowing with the flow.

With its retro, glow in the dark theme, it would be easy to classify the Afterglow Half Marathon as little more than one of those novelty runs that are all the rage these days, but make no mistake, this is a serious, and seriously beautiful twilight trail run event. For me though, a race is [...]

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It’s time to make Awesome possible.

One question I get asked almost more than any other, is what the heck is a ‘Swashbuckler’? Well, the traditional definition says it’s “a swaggering swordsman, solider, or adventurer; daredevil.” As you can imagine, I'm less about swords, and more about adventure here. So let’s go with that. And I'm not just talking about [...]

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Making space for dreams.

The world used to have a lot of empty space. Physically and mentally. There were gaps. Places you could go where there was… space. Nothing. Just you and the world. And your thoughts. Slowly but surely we’ve ‘progressed’. If you can call it that. I’m not honestly sure we should. But we’ve started filling [...]

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