An Ode to Political Correctness.

(First published on Facebook on 23 December, 2016) My final ode to the notion of 'political correctness' (or as I like to call it 'being nice to people'), for the year. Sometimes, I think thoughts at the weirdest of times, like when I'm riding my bike or walking or running or in the shower or, [...]

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Where did all the Common Sense go?

We all know politics doesn't necessarily match up well with common sense. And the latest citizenship debacle here in Australia is an epic case of exactly that. The law that is in place, that politicians can't be dual citizens, is clearly no longer relevant in the way it was intended to be when first introduced [...]

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How you feel Vs What you achieve.

I had a really interesting conversation with a friend yesterday about how she felt during her triathlon last weekend. She was describing how shitty she felt during it and how she was basically plotting and planning how she could pull out almost all the way through it. Three things struck me as interesting about this [...]

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Why Trump should, and will, resign.

Let me start by making it clear that my values don’t align with Trump’s. But this isn’t about that. This isn’t about him resigning because he’s a bad person or is doing shitty things. This is a purely strategic article about how he’ll ‘win’ by resigning. How it would be a strategic master stroke if [...]

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For beards to triumph.

It’s important to remember, that sometimes, if not all the times, making no decision is the same as actually making one. Only with, presumably, a different outcome. I could be all profound and reference the famous quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”, (which may or [...]

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Don’t forget your product.

There’s nothing like trying to get concert tickets to an in-demand show to remind you of what really matters in 'marketing'. When I work with clients, I sit through countless hours of meetings looking at all sorts of things in the marketing mix. We look at everything from the advertising right through to things [...]

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The joy of not knowing. (And why we hit icebergs.)

I don’t subscribe to the ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ ethos. Give me knowledge any day. Just don’t give me certainty. At least not too much of it. Most of the time, at least, I like the idea that I never quite know what’s just around the corner. Certainty can take away so much glorious possibility and [...]

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