Why Trump should, and will, resign.

Let me start by making it clear that my values don’t align with Trump’s. But this isn’t about that. This isn’t about him resigning because he’s a bad person or is doing shitty things. This is a purely strategic article about how he’ll ‘win’ by resigning. How it would be a strategic master stroke if [...]

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Little box of fucks.

In a time when there's all sorts of good causes vying for your attention, and our moola, it's always good to see people doing really cool stuff like Sam from Connie from Love Your Sister. They're out there raising money for Breast Cancer in their own, awesome way. As Sam says, "All this pink about [...]

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Joining The Moonshine Lab

With 2016 coming to a close it's time to set my sights on what the new year has in store. And it's starting to look like there's more than a few cool things brewing. There's a new book, for starters, a new Kindness project that I'm working super hard to launch in the first few [...]

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