How you feel Vs What you achieve.

I had a really interesting conversation with a friend yesterday about how she felt during her triathlon last weekend. She was describing how shitty she felt during it and how she was basically plotting and planning how she could pull out almost all the way through it. Three things struck me as interesting about this [...]

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Glowing with the flow.

With its retro, glow in the dark theme, it would be easy to classify the Afterglow Half Marathon as little more than one of those novelty runs that are all the rage these days, but make no mistake, this is a serious, and seriously beautiful twilight trail run event. For me though, a race is [...]

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Running Away from Dinosaurs.

When I first started running, it was a very steep learning curve indeed. Mostly, I learned by doing - the right things, but as often as not, the wrong things as well. So I decided I'd put a book together called Running Away from Dinosaurs with the best stories, tips and advice I could think [...]

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